I didn't take pictures of trees on purpose.  They just happened without consideration, unlike my flowers.  It's not that I don't love trees, but when you love a lot of things you are not always thinking about all of them.  The tree photos just came out of nowhere so I decided to give them a fair shake. 

What is this tree?  I am completely in love.  

Very pleasant, I thought. 

Bridal pictures are frequently taken in Central Park, and when I saw this tree I christened it "The White Bride"; her dress flows behind her, as if walking in a slight breeze. 

White blossoms were falling all along a path at the edge of this lawn.  It was picturesque and nice. 

~ Red Clover


 Apocalyptic Bob ~ Thanks for commenting on the roses.  They do seem to like their space (granted the occasional dead head, etc.) despite the amount of books dedicated to them.  Fickle lovers I suppose, need more freedom. 

KSR ~ My columbine has dropped her blooms, and some of the side leaves are yellowing.  I've removed both, and the stem and base leaves seem pretty healthy still.  Guess we'll just see what happens.  No pests though...at least I think. 

Rose ~ What can I say, when we walk down the sidewalks people stop.  Luckily we're mainly past the autograph stage.  Ha ha.  

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