Mystery Solved

Yesterday I mentioned a desire to identify this beautiful blossoming plant, so this morning I went down to the nursery and there it was!

Super Red Flowering Quince. That's a nice name, Flowering Quince...don't you think?

It's nice to know the name. I'll have to add it to my Garden Book in the "Someday you want to plant this in your yard" section.

Then on the way home from a work appointment I saw this yard with four or five of them lined up.

~ Red Clover

P.S. When I was leaving the nursery I could hear a little voice calling, "Help, help!" I looked around, determined to rescue whoever was in such deep distress! When I finally located the poor damsel she was sitting in a crowded tray, surrounded by other plants that looked slightly hostile. Her butter yellow petals, and charming blue at the center, were too much; I brought here home with me.


Rosie Rose said...

It's a good thing you haven't developed an obsession with cats or small children.

PS. The quinces are beautiful. The color of the blossoms reminds me of a color you'd like to wear.

PPS. My landlord has started developing the garden in the backyard (that is our front yard) and it's looking good. All of it's foody but it's nice to have the vegetation.

Sally said...

I want a Super Red Flowering Quince. Hmmm Where shall I put it.