Of All The Blossoms in All The World...

... I had to fall in love with this bush! It's blooming all over town, and as much as I like the cool pink blossoms you find on so many of the trees these days, I love the warmth and freshness of these blooms. They are already in my future garden. I thought I saw some at the nursery the other day (in a bit of a hurry), so tomorrow morning I am going to head on over get all the info. I'll post what it is when I get home.

This particular bush was a bit unruly, but I'm sure you could prune it down just a touch.

Here are a few shots of the small miniature rose bushes we planted. One from the side where you can see how I ignorantly "staked" it up. (?) Let's hope these two beauties stick around!

I've spent a the last couple days wondering why I was bit so hard with this gardening bug, but I have and there's nothing to be done, but go with it. Smiles. I'm having to learn the balance of fantasizing/planning for grander, and taking simple pleasure in the smaller reality. And for now, that's just fine.

~ Red Clover


The Weaver of Grass said...

Those roses look happy so I am sure they will grow well.
I don't know what the bush is either, but anything that produces sucha profusion of such beautiful flowers is welcome in my garden and it can grow as unruly as it likes.

Phoenix C. said...

Thank you for your comment, Red Clover. I will check out the Rhododendron in my first photo when I'm next at the Botanic Garden and get back to you - I was so entranced by it that I didn't look to see which one it is!

I like the one in your post too!