Spring in NYC

We are home!

We are home ~

We are home...

That is how I feel about being home. New York was fantastic. We had the most wonderful time, and you'll have to check out my other blog if you want a few posts on "what we did". I've got so many flowers to post I feel giddy! Springtime in New York is a wonderful time to be there. The weather was so perfect that the entire city started spreading out into the parks Friday night and by Saturday each one was saturated with sun bathers and city dwellers stretching their winter muscles.

Kip was talking to his mom last night as he was sorting through all the pictures we took, and with a smile mentioned that we had taken "a lot of pictures of flowers." True. I'll post them here later...once I decide how to organize them.

Until later today...!

-Red Clover


My Life As A Single said...

Can hardly wait for those pictures!

Sally said...

Beautiful flowers!!!