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My sister*, who is a landscape designer, just taught me something interesting last night.  Apparently you never store a water source on bare cement because the chemicals, etc., from the cement can get into the water.  The same thing happens to pots sitting on cement.  "Your plants will still grow," she said "but your soil will not be as good for as long as it could be if the pot is sitting on the cement."  Solution?  Wood.  By placing wood between the pot and cement it acts as an insulator.  I am planning on buying a number of wooden blocks and placing each pot on three.  That way you can't see the wooden blocks so it's still aesthetically pleasing, yet functioning at the same time!  Good tip.  

* This is my sister, Lorien.  She ownes her own Landscape Design company called Copper Leaf and is quite amazing!  This picture was taken at the Botanical Gardens in Rio de Janeiro.  We took a tip there together in 2007 and since we both have lived in Brasil it was a blast!) 


Rose ~ The thought of starting seeds on a bed of white frosting does sound like a nice idea...you should try it...ha ha. 

KSR ~ Yes, Morning Glories can be pests.  I am planting them in pots and letting them climb up some metal pot stands I have ;)  Should keep them out of the garden!  

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My Life As A Single said...

What a great idea...thanks to you and Lorien. I suppose the same thing applies to one of those cement blocks? I have one big plant on one. Guess I'll look for a big wood block.