Dear Begonia,

Dear Begonia, 

I've been so pleased that you decided to come and stay, and have enjoyed this time together, although you have been rather cross.  I write you now in the spirit of apology, and promise that it won't happen again.  You were so beautiful when I saw you at the nursery; I brought you home and set you in the windowsill until I could decide what to do.  You were quite happy, blooms shimmering and all.  Now, I didn't know that you like to have a tighter situation, that you prefer your roots to have a snug pot.  In my ignorance I placed you, and two others, into a larger pot where you would have plenty of room to spread your leaves.  I watered you as seemed fit,  setting you out to sun in the warm afternoons.  I have seen plenty of Begonias in larger pots, so do not fault me entirely. 

I do appreciate you telling me something was wrong by falling apart, your petals turning brown, and a general bout of pouting.  In an effort to improve your situation I looked online for whatever I could find, realizing that not only was I watering you too much, but you also needed smaller quarters.  If you recall with any degree of fairness you would remember that I immediately repotted you and your two friends into smaller pots, and altered the watering schedule.  You are pleased, I can tell by the way you are stretching yourself out and acting smug.  Now, please, can we be friends?  Let me be the congenial hostess and you the ever pleasant guest. 

With respect, 

Red Clover


ksr said...

Wow! I do not have your patience with tuberous begonias. Their impetulance plucks my nerves and I can not seem to grow them correctly. I have made all the mistakes that you mentioned but not remedied them. Perhaps, I will have a change of heart...


Zachary and Jennifer said...

I hope the Begonia forgives you!


Rosie Rose said...

Well, the begonia looks great in the pictures. It should forgive you for representing it so well.