Seedling's Progress

I don't have space for a serious light system...nor the funds to get it set up. So I purchased a small lamp for $9.99, and found a 60 watt lightbulb that is meant for reptiles ($4.99) and ta da! I have a light system. I turn it on while I am home, moving it from one tupperware to the next, then to the small plants, every hour or so. And you know what? It's actually working!

My first round of seeds I didn't see much progress with my poppies, one or two bloomed, but there wasn't enough light to get them to stand up and grow. This time they are all starting to break open! and I anticipate I will be able to get a few kinds of each poppy (oriental, california, iceland) planted. Fingers crossed.

Here you can see my cosmos, dahlias, and forget-me-nots all beginning their second, if not third, leaf set. You can also see my first transfer (morning glories) totally dead. They were my first try and I man-handled them. I restarted the seeds and will replace them - very carefully.

Poppies! Beginning to come out

Here are my other morning glories and some nasturtium. The packet said that the nasturtium does not transplant well, so we will see. I also planted some outside just incase.

black-eyed susan and...

mexican sun flowers!

This is my garden book, where I keep a record of all my plants happenings.

I keep track of when the seeds were first started, then when they sprout, and when I move them to the next stage.

I also have a list where I keep track of all that is planted in the outside containers. I put the date planted, whether they were a 1,2, or 3 when planted (1= tuber, bulb, 2=plant growing, no blooms yet, 3=plant already has blooms). And then I write any notes I think are important, like when shoots begin to show, etc.

Not only am I learning more about each plant, but I am feeling tremendously organized and like I can do anything...like clean out the storage room or run for president. I am determined to stay at it.

- Red Clover


Phoenix C. said...

I am in awe of how organized you are! My seedlings are just growing in patches where I've shaken last years' plants!!

I love the idea of keeping records in a book.

Rosie Rose said...

You know, you're not usually a TERRIBLY organized person, but for some reason your gardening book is just so...you.

PS. Have fun in NY.